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Couch Potato Chronicles

Couch Potato Chronicles follows a television-obsessed millenial Latina as she and her family navigate the aftermath of the apocalypse. Elena stars as Matilde who, in addition to dealing with the end of civilization, also has to make sure Zuraya (Lainnie Felán) gets enough to eat and has clean chones to wear.

Season 2 coming in 2018! Click below to catch up on Season 1...


Elena is Doña Lupe in the new Starz drama Vida from showrunner Tanya Saracho, which tells the story of two Mexican-American sisters who return to their old neighborhood in East Los Angeles. Premiering in May 2018, Vida is a timely exploration of Latinx lives. While groundbreaking in its specificity, this series is universal in its core of family and community stories.


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